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Akina Tokiyoshi / Asami Shoji / Erika Kobayashi / Honoko Zemba / Jukan Tateisi / Kazumichi Komatsu / Kengo Hoshi / Kota Arai / Kota Shiga / Kyohei Fujio / Mamiko Kakitsubo / Midori Kawano / Miyu Hosoi / Nanae Mitobe / Naoki Takehisa / Natsumi Aoyagi / Osamu Shikichi / Takuto Ohta / Toshinori Tanuma / yang02

「The eyes of the wind Vol.1 / 風の目たち」

@obscura, T'bilisi_Georgia

2022.09.30 - XX.XX

Documentary photograph: sopho_kobidze

Planning cooperation/local coordination: Asami Shoji
Curatorial researcher: Hara Chikei
Design: Nahoko Okuda (NiNGHUA)
Pre-review: Yuta Hanai (tattva)
Organised by: Yoshidayamar from FLOATING ALPS LLC

This exhibition, “The eyes of the wind,” is a portable, ultralight exhibition of minimal size that travels from place to place.
The first edition of the exhibition will feature works by 20 artists from Tbilisi, Georgia, a city with which Japan has a long history of exchange.
The works of the 20 artists, housed in 5cm square boxes, will be transported to distant locations after passing through the baggage check at the airfield. The theme of the exhibition itself is the “inconvenience” of having to fit into this box.
The work will be viewed in a one-day exhibition at a gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia, and then taken back to the local people, where it will be placed in their own windows.
Each window is directly connected to the cityscape, and the work, which can be viewed from outside, is truly public art, straddling the boundary between public and private, and taking root in the city.
The window views will be documented in a book, which will serve as both a record of the exhibition and a very unique walking map of the city.
Exhibition Curation : Yoshidayamar
Pre-review: Yuta Hanai (tattva)